Minutes from "Skatepark Meeting" on 04/20/2008 - 16:00

By cday - Posted on 20 April 2008

Minutes for: Skatepark Meeting from 04/20/2008 - 16:00 to 04/20/2008 - 17:00

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Motions Passed

  • Approved the design of the "Skatepark Skateboard Deck"


Topics Discussed


Burger Boat donated $2,500 in plywood for the temporary ramps

Donor Wall


All brick purchase forms must be in on or before May 25th. The bricks will be made in June. There is no time frame on how long it will take to make them.

Wall will be done by end of summer

No more "big bricks" are available

Discussed getting a sign to advertising skatepark meetings to post in the skatepark

BC signs said they would like to continue working with us.

Discussed starting a "Word of Mouth Campaign"

Everyone is going to talk the skateboard community to inform them about the committee and the meetings


Ryan called TrueRide (now called Spohn) and they have no record of our wood. Sue will search her records for reciepts and contracts from TrueRide.

Ryan will talk to Spohn get DVD. They also do cement parks so we might want to go with them when it comes time to look for a contractor. Ryan will also get info on wood location

Fundraising Ideas

Chris Richmond is the head of the fundraising committee and is currently research canvasing methods

Also discussed a disc golf tournement where we would:

Give away skate, bike stuff, stickers, t-shirts, port a whole

Sell food

Rob will talk to Rec Department about the details of running an event like this

Brat Fry / Car Wash

Papa Johns as Local

We discussed the temporary ramps that we are trying to put in while the park is being completed

Rob Seiler left a message for McFlearty about temp ramps

Auction off ramps when park is completed

Make them so you can take them apart


The Rec Department is putting on skate classes in association with 360 board shop

2nd to last week in June

In June we are putting on a "SkateJam/Barbeque" to raise awarness for the skatepark. Some ideas that came up"

Steve E. said he would look into getting a DJ

The guys from 360 boardshop will talk to Tom Haas / NSS Skateshoes about putting on a Demo

Combined this event with a Donor Wall unveiling event

Discussed the possibilty of having a "Crazy Days Skate Jam"

Ryan A said he would look into the possibillity of this with other Crazy Day members

Discussed some ideas for the Skatepark Decks

3-4 Weeks after we give graphics to Curt from Surfin Bird the boards will come in

We could have an event where we sell the original art of the skate deck

Steve will design the park decks using stencil art

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