Minutes from "Skatepark Meeting" on 05/11/2008 - 13:30

By cday - Posted on 25 May 2008

Minutes for: Skatepark Meeting from 05/11/2008 - 13:30 to 05/11/2008 - 15:00

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Citizens for Skateboarding Manitowoc Chapter

Weekly Meeting Minutes


· ChrisR Resignation

· Website Update

· Skateboard Update

· Special Event Request Form

· PayPal Update

· Go Skateboarding Day

o Meeting Notes

o Documentation – Rob

· T-Shirts

· Stickers


· Boards

o $950 for 50 boards

o $40

o 7 Ply Maple

o 3 Weeks

o Steve will deliver the check

o Stuff with the boards

o 7.5,7.62,7.75,8

· Chris Richmond Resignation

o Chris cannot canvas

o Gave up documentation

o Still can do the radio PSA and special events

· Website

o Need Account Number and Routing Number

o Need Canvassing Proposal

· Bowl

o Spohnranch sends bowls in casting

o Still looking for someone to build bowl

o Steve will research companies

o California Skatepark was the original company that did the bowl design

· Special Event Request Form

o Goes in front of Common Council

· Go Skate Day

o Steve is making flyer

o Kris is

o Whole in one contest – Frisbee golf

· Flyers

o Kris made up flyers for pizza boxes

o Ryan Meyer’s dad owns print shop


Next Week


Architectural Forrest Products – Donates 2x4s and maybe Skatelite

Next Agenda

Flyers – Rough Draft

Wood from


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