By cday - Posted on 14 April 2010

Well, spring is here and we have a busy year ahead of us. We would first like to take this time to thank all of our donors, volunteers, and supporters. Without all of your combined efforts, We would not have a skatepark.
In 2010 we will have the donor wall completed. After many delays and labor difficulties, we are finally on track to getting this project started. Nothing is more important to us right now than getting the donor recognition wall completed. Everything we have accomplished and will accomplish is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people and businesses.
The delays and difficulties with the donor recognition wall started with Tobin Boyle of the Local Masons Union. After repeated promises from him to donate the labor, we had agreed to let them construct it to save money toward phase 2 of the Manitowoc skatepark . That was in 2007!!! After a year of Tobin’s excuses and empty promises, he said it would have to wait until next year. That cycle kept going on and on like that for a few years.
Every year we would tell them, ”If you can’t help us, its o.k. We need it done NOW and we are willing to hire someone if we have to.”
And every year he would tell us not to worry. They will do it. That we shouldn’t waste the money on hiring someone.
Well its 2010. The Local Masons Union is off the project and Hamann Construction will be constructing the Donor wall this year. The Wall is just as important to CFSMC, Inc.  as the ramps in the skatepark. Please don’t take our inability to judge shady contractors as disrespect or lack of appreciation for donations.
I look back to 2 years ago and we all knew then that he was lying. We froze the money for this project in the bank account 2 years ago in the likely chance that they would disappoint us again. But we wanted to believe him. We have fundraised every penny for this project and we still need a lot of money. The Money we are paying for the donor wall could have gone toward more ramps completed possibly this year. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally worth every penny the money we are putting toward the donor wall but if we could have saved the money, it would have helped.
We will also have a developed plan for the next phase of the Manitowoc Skatepark this year. Our plan, at this time, is to break phase 2 (the Concrete Bank and Clover Bowl) into 2 parts to speed progress along at a smoother pace. We are working on labor and equipment donations at the moment and we are hoping to start Phase 2A fall2010/spring2011 but it is still too early to pinpoint.
I hope to keep more updates coming please check back or contact us for more info
Thank you,
Ryan Ackley
Citizens for Skateboarding – Manitowoc Chapter, Inc.

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